Why We Call it Promethius

Promethius, history

September 2001 was a momentous month for Promethius as it is the month that we moved out of our tiny downtown office space and into our, seemingly, spacious new offices on the north side. Our always generous landlords were the kind folks at IAHSA (now LeadingAge Indiana), and we would stay there for the next 11 years.  Sadly, this was a momentous month for the rest of the country as well.

Coincidentally, the Promethean took its official launch in September 2001.  Among other things you can read in this article is documented proof that I never recommended Windows ME!  I also had some very good things to say about DSL.  Where I’m headed with this article, however, is that I also included in that newsletter a short paragraph on the ancient immortal, Prometheus.  This is the number one question I get asked when I mention my company’s name.  Why did we name it after a Greek demigod?