Promethius is proud to partner with the following companies that provide excellent services that fall outside the scope of our role as your trusted IT and network advisor. We encourage you to contact these Promethius partner organizations:

Balance Digital Marketing logoBalance Digital Marketing
ExactTarget Specialists

Email marketing. Text messaging. Social communications. Landing pages. How many of these tactics are in your digital marketing mix? If only one, you’re missing opportunities to connect with your audience. If all of them, are they sending a consistent message and working in an integrated way toward your business goal?

We connect you with your clients, customers and members through a Balanced approach leveraging email, text and social channels. We offer digital marketing strategy, planning, project management, implementation, campaign automation and multichannel campaign execution. We specialize in the ExactTarget platform for implementation, optimization, automation and training.

Right Left Media logoRight Left Media
Web Design and Development

Right Left Media is a web design and development firm on a mission to empower your organization through a beautifully smart web experience. Why? Because we believe in you. We believe in your work. And we believe we’ve got what it takes to help you communicate your purpose and connect with your audience.
At Right Left Media, we enjoy doing good work with good people for good reasons. We believe in your mission, and we’re dedicated to helping you acheive your goals. That’s why everything we do is aimed at delivering on our promise to empower your organization through beautifully smart web experiences both now and in the future.