We're passionate about technology.  We're the type of people that would still be immersed in it even if it weren't our jobs.  It gives us great pleasure to share our knowledge and passion with others.

So often technology workers are viewed as "aloof", as "better than" and as "secret keepers".  We abhor this stigma, even if most in our field do little to stem such generalizations.  At Promethius, we value a personable demeanor over all else.

Our people are friendly, approachable and ready to help.  We regularly host informative presentations and events through Promethius University, the education arm of Promethius Consulting.

Coming in 2017: CEO Bootcamp series. Designed for C-level executives, the CEO Bootcamp series will cover topics like how to manage technical staff effectively. Check back for more details, or let us know if you are interested and we'll make sure you get an invitation.