Experience. Contemplation. Intuition. We approach all our endeavors from a consultative point of view.

We're not about simple answers. We're about thoughtful answers, which of course often turn out to  be simple answers as well. At Promethius, we're passionate about technology, and we love sharing our knowledge and experience with others.

Don't forget us during budget time!

Many of our long-standing clients make sure to consult with us during budget planning. Technology runs much more smoothly when you can break out of reactionary cycles and invest in some long-range planning.

Experienced Minds at Your Service

  • Quality over quantity

    We are a relatively small firm, but all our people are top-notch, experienced folks. Above all, we are technology advisors at your service.

  • Network infrastructure

    From phones to servers to laptops to mobile devices, we can provide a global, integrative perspective to help guide and coordinate your entire technology infrastructure.

  • Online strategy

    Our Web Team is the best in the Midwest.  We can help you make your online presence sing .

  • IT Staffing

    If IT is not your business, it's next to impossible to hire the right people for the job. Much of our consulting practice involves helping organizations plan, hire and manage their internal technology folks.

Do you need technology advice? We would love to schedule a consultation.