Cloud Services

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  • No more backup fees
  • No more software licensing fees
  • No more server to maintain
  • Low per-GB pricing

Work From Anywhere

  • Cloud-based solution
  • No more clunky VPN
  • Use PC, laptop, phone, tablet
  • Access your files from anywhere


  • Share files among your team
  • Collaborate and share with your customers
  • One common interface for everyone

The Problem...

Being a leading-edge kind of person, you’ve gone out and bought a new tablet, but now what?

Your email works fine, but you don’t have access to corporate file shares. Your calendar is accessible, but you don’t have an easy way to collaborate with others.

You begin to worry that your iPad is not much more than a flashy toy!

The Solution.

ncommand SHARE provides a mobile content strategy with security, choice and accessibility as the foundation.

Users can upload, download, edit, comment, and place documents into workflows directly from their iPads.

SHARE extends your corporate content to where you need it — in the field, in the boardroom and in front of your customers.

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