Computer Support

We keep your network running smoothly.  IT just isn't that hard if you have access to the right minds.

At the end of the day, there are no sales people at Promethius.  We don't peddle specific products, nor push pre-determined agendas.  We are advisors through and through.  We listen intently and give the very best advice and guidance that we can, based on our vast experience.

Deja vu over and over again

While your particular technical challenge may seem gigantic, scary and perfectly unique, chances are we've "been there and done that" many times over.  Years of "in-the-trenches" experience helping organizations with their technology have allowed us to see commonalities and patterns.

This helps us to bring serenity and informed guidance to just about any technical situation we're called upon to help with.

IT initiatives we're really, really good at.

  • Moving networks to the cloud

    Work from anywhere, any time, on any device.  Once you make the jump to the cloud you'll never look back.  Say goodbye to clunky VPNs forever.

  • Remote monitoring and maintenance

    Waiting for computers to fail before servicing them leads to down-time and unexpected cost.  Remote monitoring can spot problems early, and fix them with no down-time.

  • Normalizing cost

    We specialize in helping organizations move from a "break-fix" (unpredictable) model to a "managed services" model with very predictable monthly fees.

  • IT Budgeting

    Organizations that include us in the budgeting process are never sorry they did.  We're very good at eliminating waste and planning for the future.

  • Network design

    Your network should run smoothly, period.  We combine common sense with years of experience to design smart, efficient computer networks.

  • Unified Communications

    Imagine hosted Exchange, hosted Lync, and hosted PBX all seamlessly delivered as one package.  We can do that for you. These systems talk to each other through one focal point, and communications flourish.

  • Hardware as a service

    You'll never have to purchase another computer again if you don't want to.  Who needs that hastle? We offer bundled support services with all hardware included! 

  • Training your staff

    So many IT problems are really just knowledge problems.  We created Promethius University to make sure we can teach skills to help our clients help themselves.

We'd love to help you with your project.  Just let us know what you need.

[Or feel free to call us at (317) 733-2388]