Microsoft Windows Server 2003 End of Life - Should I Care?

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 will officially sunset (support will end) on July 14th of 2015, so what does this actually mean? Well, luckily we have ample time to prepare for the end-of-life of Server 2003. What does it generally mean when Microsoft drops all support of an operating system anyway? Click through for a video and transcript on this important networking topic.

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

cloud computing, cloud
The terms “Private Cloud” and “Public Cloud” pop up in business conversations almost daily, but what do they really mean? Do we need a “Private Cloud?” Can we even get one? Today we had a discussion that covers this topic and sheds some light on the difference between Public Cloud and Private Cloud. Click through to read the transcript and/or view the video of our discussion on this topic.
Help Desk

Do I Need Help Desk Support?

Today we have kind of a basic quesion about Help Desk Support coming from Fishers IN, and it should help answer the basic question "what is help desk support and do I need it?"  Welcome to the Promethius Consulting Coffee Lounge.  We are here to answer your technology questions.  Promethius is Indianapolis’ trusted outsourced IT company.
Today our question comes from Fishers IN., and below is the transcript of our conversation:
Best Buy

Should I Buy My Business Computers at Best Buy?

It’s often tempting to save a few dollars on your business network by purchasing business computers through a “Big Box” company like Best Buy.  But is it the best way to go?
Promethius Consulting is Indiana’s trusted outsourced technology solution, and today we talk all about whether or not to buy your business computers at Best Buy.
Healing pattern

What is a Self-Healing Network and How Do I Get One?

Managed services providers can often offer computer network fixes and improvements without even the need for a live human being. Certain fixes and routines are set up “self-healing” style through automation and remote monitoring. Promethius Consulting is Indianapolis’ trusted managed services provider, and we’re here today to talk about self-healing networks.
Dropbox Banner

Is Dropbox a Good Choice for Business File Sharing?

cloud hosting, file sharing

DropBox is a hugely popular file sharing platform, but it might not be the right choice for organizations.  Dropbox is mainly a file syncing tool, but it’s often adopted with the hope that it can become a “document management system,” which it currently cannot.

Promethius is Indy’s trusted outsourced IT solution, and today we want to learn more about the wisdom of using Dropbox for corporate file sharing.

How Many Years Should My Desktop or Laptop Computer Last?

It’s always important to budget with a clear view of reality. So how long should we expect our business computers to last? Promethius Consulting is Indy’s outsourced IT solution and we cover this topic today. Budgeting and planning for when to buy the next laptop is important, but many times people don’t understand how many years they should get out of a good computer.
Network Security

Is Antivirus All I Need to Keep My Computer Secure?

antivirus, security
It is often assumed that antivirus is all you need to keep your laptop or desktop secure, but that’s only part of the picture. Promethius is Indianapolis’ trusted outsourced IT provider, and we are here today to talk about a common but often misunderstood topic – computer security.

Why is My Computer So Slow?

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"My computer seems slow" is one of the most common trouble-shooting calls we get here at Promethius. We've all been there before, and today we talk about why it happens and what we can do to prevent our computers from slowing down.