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I’ve recently been struck by the enormity of the internet.  This crazy little “world wide web” idea hatched by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990 (give or take a year), has morphed into the most influential socioeconomic game-changer since coal. 

It’s challenging to think that the Web literally started with only two computers talking together - not that long ago either.  My how things have changed.

Here are some statistics that speak to the enormity of the “internet,” this new technology that has changed nearly every aspect of human life in less than two decades.

  • Every day Google processes 1 billion search requests from citizens of 181 countries using one or more of 146 languages.
  • receives about 12% of all internet traffic each day.
  • YouTube receives 4 billion views per day.
  • 60 hours of video gets uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day.
  • The average American internet user spends 32 hours per month online.
  • Humans send 210 billion emails each day.

I could go on with tantalizing “factoids” about the enormity of the internet, but I think you get the picture.  It’s interesting to me to think about how much life has changed in such a brief time.  My profession of Web Developer didn’t even exist 20 years ago.

My little son Louis, all of two years old, is already a master at the iPad and iPhone.  He’ll never know a time when the internet didn’t exist.  I wonder what that will mean for his development. 

Although I make my living through the internet, I think it’s critically important to un-plug from time to time.  One of my greatest joys is curling up with a good book (no, not the Kindle version).  

“What’s a book Daddy?”

“Well Louis, they were these multi-page rectangles containing words and pictures that didn’t move or make any sound.  You just read them, flipped the page, and then read some more.”

I’m getting old.