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Happy New Year

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As this year draws to a close, let’s take a few minutes to reflect. The Promethius team would like to start by thanking all of our clients for working with us in 2013. Without the relationships we have with all of you, we wouldn’t be here. Thank you for letting us be your IT partners and advisors throughout the year. We also appreciate your patience, especially in recent weeks, as we all pitch in to answer your incoming questions.

Why We Call it Promethius

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September 2001 was a momentous month for Promethius as it is the month that we moved out of our tiny downtown office space and into our, seemingly, spacious new offices on the north side. Our always generous landlords were the kind folks at IAHSA (now LeadingAge Indiana), and we would stay there for the next 11 years.  Sadly, this was a momentous month for the rest of the country as well.

Coincidentally, the Promethean took its official launch in September 2001.  Among other things you can read in this article is documented proof that I never recommended Windows ME!  I also had some very good things to say about DSL.  Where I’m headed with this article, however, is that I also included in that newsletter a short paragraph on the ancient immortal, Prometheus.  This is the number one question I get asked when I mention my company’s name.  Why did we name it after a Greek demigod?

Celebrating 14 Years


Last month Promethius turned 14!

In the summer of 1999, Denver Abernathy founded Promethius Consulting, LLC and worked out of his home office in his spare time (he was also the director of information services at Indiana Health Care Association). In early 2000 he brought in partner Tony Valle and Promethius became their full time business. Many years and three office moves later, Promethius continues to grow and evolve.

Promethius Open House


Thanks to all of our clients and friends who stopped by the official Promethius open house! We enjoyed seeing each of you, and it finally feels like our move-in process is complete.

Promethius Moves to New Office


This month was a milestone for Promethius. After more than 10 years in our previous location, we have moved on to a bigger and more user-friendly office space. Still on the northwest side of town, the new office is in College Park North and has ample space for our team to work, including room for future growth.

After months of planning, construction, moving and organizing, the move process is nearly complete. We'll hold our first official event, a Promethius University class, in our new conference room on June 22.

What Would Promethius Do?

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Our clients often ask us what we would do if the decision was ours. Since this question seems to arise most often during discussions of home computers, I thought I’d offer a run-down of some of the recent decisions I have made for my home computer.