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Microsoft Surface vs. Apple's iPad - Which is Better for You?

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Welcome to the first episode of "Control / Alt / Deluxe," a technology podcast for business owners, CFOs, and any other business "decision maker" who might not fully understand technology. In this episode we discuss and compare the Microsoft Surface against Apple's iPad. While these two devices really are quite different, we find that they are often assumed to be direct competitors. More than once we've seen a company invest heavily in iPads, when they really should have picked the Surface. Of course, we've seen lots of the inverse as well.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 End of Life - Should I Care?

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 will officially sunset (support will end) on July 14th of 2015, so what does this actually mean? Well, luckily we have ample time to prepare for the end-of-life of Server 2003. What does it generally mean when Microsoft drops all support of an operating system anyway? Click through for a video and transcript on this important networking topic.
Microsoft Audits

Microsoft Audits from the "Microsoft Police"

The Microsoft police have an almost mythological status in the minds of techies everywhere. They have long been imagined to be superhuman beings bent on tricking network engineers and CIOs into saying one wrong word and forcing them to pay huge penalties and probably lose their jobs. This has been the perception, and it turns out that it’s pretty much true…all except the superhuman part.

Surface Pro Review

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One of the most common questions we hear regarding tablets is, “Do you see any business applications for them?”  As I have written on many occasions, the answer has always been, “yeah, some.”

Tablet Wars

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It’s getting ugly out there and it’s going to get a lot uglier. Microsoft, Apple, and Google are openly bashing their competitors in the tablet market. It’s well known that 2013 growth depends on tablet sales so the stakes are extremely high. Apple has the obvious advantage of being first in the new space, but the next steps won’t be so obvious. Apple generally ignores the cries of the business community and sticks to its consumer roots. This leaves a hole for Microsoft and Google to fill. Google often tries to straddle both worlds and comes off unfocused.

Windows 8...Whatever

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If you’ve spoken with the Promethius technical crew lately about the pending Windows 8 release later this month, you might have noticed some shrugs and a few scrunched faces. It’s kind of hard to disguise our apathy about the product. Maybe it is because we’ve been burned before (e.g. Windows Millennium, Windows Vista, etc.) or maybe it’s because Windows 7 has been such a refreshing, care-free success that we’re just not excited about this new release. It’s not as if there is nothing good to say about it, so I will, but I’d prefer to not have to.

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Windows XP – Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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It’s time that we had that difficult conversation about your old computer operating system.   I understand that you’ve grown attached to it but it really is time to consider parting ways.  Microsoft has the opinion that you should be using Windows 7 now and Windows 8 in just a few months.  We know their motivations for wanting you to make the upgrade, but what are yours for sticking with Windows XP, or even Windows Vista?

Windows 8

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I’ve been reluctant to pop the seal on this article. I don’t want anyone to mistake this article for an endorsement of Windows 8 or as encouragement to run out and purchase a bunch of upgrades the moment it is released. Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system is currently in beta testing, or “Consumer Preview” in Microsoft’s vernacular. So what is new?

What’s Microsoft Up to Now?

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Microsoft has been on a re-branding craze of late and it is getting down-right confusing out there. Here are a few examples of the recent name changes:

Windows 7 Seminar Wrap-Up

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I would like to once again thank everyone who joined me for our “Windows 7: Should You Make the Switch?” seminar.  It was a small group that covered a broad range of industries and LAN/WAN setups.  We were represented by folks in the healthcare, insurance, engineering, not-for-profit and construction fields.  We had representatives of computer networks ranging in size from one to fifty users.