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All too often I hear from a customer liaison that he/she “didn’t want to bother us with such a silly problem.”   I am hereby stating for the record that we want to be bothered with all IT issues, no matter how trivial they may seem.  In fact, our system only truly works if we are entrusted with the trivial as well as the more severe.

If you can put yourself in our shoes for a moment you can clearly see why it is important that we know the issues that all users on the network are experiencing.  If the problem isn’t something that would normally be captured by monitoring software, a Microsoft Word issue for instance, it is very common for us not to hear of the problem.  The user may complain periodically and many assume that the problem is being shared with Promethius.  After all, we are the computer support, right?  If, however, our liaison doesn’t share the issue with us we can be seen as non-responsive or, worse, uncaring.  Regardless of how we’re perceived by our liaison, this sort of thing leaves us in a very precarious situation if he/she happens to leave the company.  The other unfortunate aspect of this is that our customers are not getting the level of service that they’re paying for.

Our goal is 100% satisfaction by all the employees of our client companies. 
That’s a very hard goal to reach indeed if we only hear about a fraction of the IT problems.  Our ultimate goal is to relieve the IT stress from the daily routine FOR ALL USERS.  We prefer it if your users are allowed to call us directly so that the troubleshooting can begin right away and that we can get the description of the problem right from the proverbial horse’s mouth.  Of course this only works in a fully-managed, flat-fee scenario, but this is where about 80% of our customers are today.  We typically get the highest survey scores and most positive comments from those clients who allow their users full access to our helpdesk staff.

If you’re not presently taking advantage of our Managed Services offerings and/or if you’d like to talk about removing yourself from the role of IT middle man, please give me a call at 317-733-2388.