Last month Promethius turned 14!

In the summer of 1999, Denver Abernathy founded Promethius Consulting, LLC and worked out of his home office in his spare time (he was also the director of information services at Indiana Health Care Association). In early 2000 he brought in partner Tony Valle and Promethius became their full time business. Many years and three office moves later, Promethius continues to grow and evolve.

One of the recent highlights was the 2012 move to College Park North at 96th and Michigan Road — about a mile east of the previous location.

"Selecting the new office was a big move for us because we had completely outgrown our previous space," said Denver. "We now have room for all of our techs and equipment, and more meeting areas than before."

What's on the horizon for Promethius? Keeping up with technology changes and weeding out the passing trends, for one. "It's important that we always evaluate our services to make sure they fit our clients' changing needs," said Denver. "We know the cloud is here to stay, so we're going to be talking about that for a long time. We also see Hardware as a Service becoming more relevant, especially as IT budgets become tighter."

palm pilot imageOne thing is for sure — technology is always changing. Ten years ago our July newsletter advertised a contest to win a Palm Pilot... 

From all of us at Promethius, we extend a sincere Thank You to all of our clients and friends over the years. We appreciate all of you!