HIPAA Compliance is “the elephant in the living room” these days.  Companies that fall under its rules generally know it, but alarmingly few companies do anything to even assess their current adherence to the rules.  It’s like they would rather not know.

I get it.  I’m that way about cancer.  If I never get tested, then I’ll never have to face a hope-crushing diagnosis.  I’ll keep my head in the sand about my health, but I want YOU to check into your HIPAA compliance!

Can you fully “outsource” this challenge?  Well… no.  But, from an IT infrastructure standpoint, getting compliant is alarmingly easy these days.  There are scads of high-priced consulting firms that are happy to charge thousands for a HIPAA compliance audit, but in my estimation this is overkill for most companies.

Computer networks can be easily built to be “out of the box HIPAA compliant,” and it’s not that difficult to re-work an existing computer network to reach this same standard.  Cloud technologies make this possible, and the recent advent of viable “cloud desktops” has been the final piece to this puzzle.

If HIPAA Compliance is something that secretly keeps you up at night, it needn’t.  We can easily bring any network up to compliance in short order.  Please reach out to me any time – I’d love to walk you through this process.

But wait, there’s more!  Did you know that implementing a HIPAA compliant network also gains you a bullet-proof disaster recovery plan, a network impervious to ransomware attacks AND computers that never slow down?

Could be a no-brainer for you.