A multi-location law firm recently reached out to us with several issues.  Their staff was constantly complaining of slow computers, and certain offices sporadically lost their network connection all-together.  “Down-time” in any business is a problem.

Backup was another issue.  They couldn’t get their backups to reliably run, and the partners were losing sleep over visions of permanently-lost client files.  They couldn’t take the risk any more, and so reached out for help.

Luckily, what seemed like a host of problems turned out to be just one - bandwidth.  It turned out that the firm had invested in T1 lines way back when those were the “best in class” internet solution, and hadn’t ever upgraded over the years.  The partners had no idea that the world had moved on to better, faster solutions. 

(Note: T1 lines have their place, but shared browsing isn’t generally one of them.  Bundled T1 lines may be the best option in a given area, but they tend to be expensive, etc.)

Most notably, and pertinent to the title of this article, the partners were amazed to discover that they were paying far more for inferior T1 lines than a drastically faster AND cheaper solution like Broadband.  “How could this be?” they asked.

Actually, we see this all the time.  Your internet agreements are something that should be reviewed each year to make sure you’re still getting a competitive deal.  Remember, the trend in technology is typically “faster and cheaper” over time.  If you haven’t reviewed your contract in years, you’re probably paying more and getting less.

How long has it been since YOU have reviewed YOUR internet agreement?  If you don’t know where to start, give me a call.  I can talk you through it.