Missing the Mark

Missing the Mark

Gerald is a long-time owner of a substantial construction business, and like most successful business owners, he trusts his own wits and intuition in making business decisions. His keen mind is ultimately what got him to success, so why not keep betting on a winner? Gerald had a big problem with his computer network, but he just didn't know it yet.

Is the Internet of Things Worth It?

Nearly half of U.S. companies experienced a ransomware attack last year. The Internet of Things (IoT) appears to be making it easier for hackers to target networks due to the complexity of securing IoT devices. Businesses are adopting IoT gadgets by the billions and it is often difficult to know if they’re opening a back door to your network security.

Ransomware – The Cybercrime Plague that is Infecting the Globe

NOTE: I want to give you a bit of a warning before I start this article. My writing style is generally up-beat, jovial and fairly casual. Don’t let this style mask the fact that today’s topic is very serious. Please know that this article is written in a spirit of urgency and importance..
Virtual Desktops VDI

Virtual Desktops: Not Just a Coming Fad

Virtual Desktops
Virtual Desktops, sometimes referred to as “Cloud Desktops,” are the next major improvement vastly approaching the computer network landscape (actually, this new technology is already in production today – we use it here at Promethius). We’ve been in business for over sixteen years, and we think this technology will be the biggest “game changer” we have ever seen.

Will You Recover?


I gained a deep understanding of “disaster recovery” in the best situation imaginable.  I was a programmer/analyst for Northern Trust Bank, and for two years worked diligently on our “Y2K” disaster preparedness plan.  To say the least, banks cannot afford to lose their data.  The fear surrounding Y2K gave me an almost unlimited budget and access to endless resources.

8 Websites You’ve Never Heard of That Your Employees Are Wasting Time On

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Let’s face it, the internet has an absolutely hypnotic effect on people.  Many employees sit at an internet-connected computer all day.  Only the most disciplined can steadily do their work and keep from straying into endless internet abyss. 

They don’t call it the World Wide “Web” for nothing! 

Many organizations lock out popular websites through centralized network controls and filtering.  There are two basic ways of accomplishing this.  An on-premises hardware device such as a barracuda web filter will give you lots of lock-down controls on web surfing.  The second option is software that sits on each employee’s computer, again pretty much providing the same web-surfing “handcuffs.”

Software Licensing

Why You Might Be Running Unlicensed Software and How It Could Cost You Big Money

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At Promethius Consulting, because we manage so many computer networks in Indiana, we have a whole lot of experience with software licensing.  It seems like licensing your software should be easy, right?  In reality, it's anything but easy.
In fact, most networks that we inherit are found to be running several applications without a proper license.  This can be a huge liability to an organization.  Audits are real and monetary penalties are stiff. Software Licensing is one of those issues that most business owners overlook and are completely unaware of.

Microsoft Surface vs. Apple's iPad - Which is Better for You?

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Welcome to the first episode of "Control / Alt / Deluxe," a technology podcast for business owners, CFOs, and any other business "decision maker" who might not fully understand technology. In this episode we discuss and compare the Microsoft Surface against Apple's iPad. While these two devices really are quite different, we find that they are often assumed to be direct competitors. More than once we've seen a company invest heavily in iPads, when they really should have picked the Surface. Of course, we've seen lots of the inverse as well.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 End of Life - Should I Care?

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 will officially sunset (support will end) on July 14th of 2015, so what does this actually mean? Well, luckily we have ample time to prepare for the end-of-life of Server 2003. What does it generally mean when Microsoft drops all support of an operating system anyway? Click through for a video and transcript on this important networking topic.